Welcome to Fly Jeans Co.!

We are the epicentre for fashion. We carry only premium brands from all four corners of the globe. The latest trends from the most prestigious designers can be found here. Our professional staff are ready to help you experience FLY JEANS to its full potential.

Customer service is our number one priority. If you’re looking for a single top, or an entire outfit, let FLY JEANS make it happen. We are located in the heart of downtown Edmonton.

Here at FLY JEANS we know our stuff. We always provide exceptional service and product knowledge. Prepare to be enlightened!

Do you know any other store that can make you look this FLY? Come in to experience FLY JEANS and see the latest trends for men and women.

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10336 111th St.
Edmonton (AB)
T5K 1L2


  • main: 780-441-1010



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